with Amanda Reynal

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First impressions on New Traditionalist?

It’s the perfect example of the saying “what is old is new again.” Our industry has embraced several years of clean lines, shiny finishes, minimal embellishment and geometrics and now the pendulum is swinging. There will always be a place for that aesthetic as well, but in today’s world there are many different styles and movements that have gained traction. 

(Left to Right) Exclusive Print Collection, Pindler; HOUE Click Dining Table, Anacara Company; Q617 Cabinet, Interior Crafts

What are some of the details of this category?

Romantic floral chintz, brown wood furniture, and ladylike details all feel fresh and inviting. We are enjoying a return to more classic forms which have ebbed and flowed in popularity over the past years. This is an example of how we are transitioning back to colorful accents and layering patterns and forms instead of the simpler sculptural look of the Regency and Midcentury periods that have been so popular.

The thread that pulls everything together is the muted color palette with classic watered-down colors. It’s very soothing yet it is also dynamic, and not quiet.   

(Left to Right) Coco Coffee Table, Summer Classics & Gabby; Terrace Collection, Samuel & Sons; Great Room Sectional Series, Century Furniture

What words come to mind on viewing New Traditionalist?




Layers of Multiple Materials

(Left to Right) Sanderson Collection with National Trust, Zoffany; New Biltmore Door Style, Bentwood of Chicago; Colinet, Moen Design Center

What’s special about layers?

Currently, we are all home more than ever before. With there being so much uncertainty in the world, it is natural to seek domestic comfort. A return to luxurious details and visual interest creates an inviting environment that welcomes us home.

This movement has evolved organically, through a subconscious need to harken back to times that were less uncertain. Everyone’s looking for an escape and a haven. Ever since Covid-19 hit and we started staying put, I feel gratitude for our home and having my family all together. Having a place to live that is comfortable and functions well – everyone’s trying to achieve that.

Highlights from your history?  

I was brought up in the northeast, so my background and training are rooted in the world of classical American architecture and design. I began my career in Manhattan with a storied design firm that focuses on antiques and custom everything! We often used bespoke furnishings created by master craftsmen and hand printed fabrics. We worked in conjunction with top architects and builders with impeccable skills and I learned how to focus on both details and the big picture. I also studied at the New York School of Design to formally learn the principals of interior design and decoration.    

After relocating to Des Moines almost 20 years ago, I was able to translate the life experience and design knowledge I gained during my years as a young designer/project manager into growing my business from the ground up. Today, we aim to translate our clients’ needs into reality while respecting and acknowledging the setting and architecture of the home, both with older home remodels and new construction.

What is it that you love about what you do?

Ahh, I love the many phases and the entire process from conception to completion. There are so many possibilities at the beginning of a project, with the big picture and schematic designs and then as we realize our vision, I love scheming using fabrics, lighting, furniture, and finishes. I also appreciate the relationship and partnerships we develop with our clients and the teams we put together to complete each project. The combination of working with construction and interior architecture – and then bringing in the decorative aspect to make a comprehensive space – it’s the best part about what we do. There is nothing more rewarding than when our clients adore their environments that we created with them.

About Amanda: Amanda Reynal founded ARI in 2001 when she relocated to Des Moines. Her well-traveled aesthetic and astute knowledge of interiors and the design world has distinguished her work for over 25 years. Acknowledging the context of each space, her work is grounded in traditional design concepts layered with modern sensibility blending sophistication with practicality.

Amanda Reynal

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