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Do you get warm or cool vibes when looking at this group?

It feels warm. I immediately can feel all these materials and the accessories I’d use to enhance.

(Left to Right) Cecil Round Dining Table, BRADLEY; Mistral, Gloster Furniture; Black Wolf Design, Katonah Architectural Hardware • Lighting • Furniture (Floor 6)

What’s at influence here? What might be next for Natural Curves?

It feels like its driven by Parisian architecture or a Parisian vibe. But in the past, design was ornate and detailed. This is the opposite. It feels like a more modern take on a vintage aesthetic. I would say the next evolution is playing with material. Wood can be manipulated. But maybe materials that aren’t naturally considered curvy? Playing with materials more. Push it further!

(Left to Right) KALLISTA Juxtapose SemiProfessional Kitchen Faucet, K&B Galleries, Ltd.; Olin Chair, Ferrell Mittman / Avery Boardman

What words come to mind?


Organic Movement


Tell us about yourself.

I am born and raised in Chicago. I’ve always loved architecture, art and math – as well as being creative and thinking outside the box. I went to college and majored in architecture which I thought was a good blend of these loves. It eventually morphed into pursuing interior design which allowed for even more creativity and working with clients in their home. I went for it and started my own firm! I’ve been in business for about 8 years. I feel like I’ve defined my point of view, regardless of style and color. What I prefer is relaxed sophistication. I use materials and textiles that are comfortable and work day-to-day – but always looks polished.

With every year, you learn and build. Right now, we are seeing a lot of renovations in kitchens, baths, home offices and basements.

Home offices and basement renos, is this a sign of the times?

Before the pandemic, you didn’t experience your home as much. You passed through in the morning and again when you went to bed. And now people are looking around and realizing that spaces are being underutilized. Let’s take traditional spaces and make them more functional. For instance, in the basement, people are looking for home gyms, home offices and distance learning spaces for kids. It’s becoming truly multi-use.

Big picture, where does the future of design lie?

This is a tipping point. We didn’t ramp up to change. It happened quickly, and we all scrambled. Now that we’re in it, it’s definitely going to change the way people look at their home.

About Brooke: At the University of Illinois, Brooke Lang earned a Masters of Architecture and studied at Sede di Roma in Italy. Her career began in 2006 working for some of Chicago’s top architecture firms. Brooke’s style is influenced by a long love affair with Parisian architecture, and she brings her Millennial Modern® aesthetic to her design projects.

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