with Kevin Toukoumidis

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What kind of home might you see these designs in?

I would see them in an urban home, for sure. A sophisticated urban environment. There’s also a level of comfort and calm here, too. These are special rooms. There’s an understated, timeless elegance.

Why is the connection to outdoors so important? And granted, we’re going way outdoors with this theme (to the galaxy and beyond).

I think it’s human nature to have a connection to the outdoors. There’s a calmness in nature that is restorative to the body and the mind. I think these products are layered. There are contrasts and shadows, much like the outdoors.

In some ways, these images feel like black and white photos. You start to appreciate the details because of the monotone palette. There’s a lot of strength conveyed in these materials. There are infinite possibilities with this palette.

(Left to Right) Argentinian Rug, Watson Smith Carpet – Rugs – Hard Surface; Liberty of London Fabrics, Fabricut; Manierre Dawson (Am. 1887 – 1969), Richard Norton Gallery, LLC

What words come to mind as you look at the Brightest Stars in the Cosmos?

Calming, texture, sophisticated, monotone, natural, infinite possibilities, restraint.

(Left to Right) Linea Built-In Appliances, SMEG USA; Glider, Innovations in Wallcoverings; Terrazzo Renata Fluted, Ann Sacks

Most of the words you chose have a timeless quality to them. Do you see these designs as having that?

Yes. I would absolutely agree there is a timeless nature in this design palette

Tell us about yourself.

I remember I went to an architecture summer camp when I was 15 years old and that’s when I discovered my passion for architecture. Art has always been a part of my life. I enjoyed math and science, also. For me, architecture was phenomenal because it allowed me to combine science and art. And having my own business has allowed me to connect with people. I’m able to have a multi-faceted career as a firm owner who is connected with clients, as well as a mentor and leader, promoting a collaborative culture for my team.  

dSPACE Studio is passionate about residential architecture. Our projects allow us to take a personal interest in our clients through innovation and creativity. Every home is one of a kind. We don’t have a rubber stamp aesthetic. Certainly, every project focuses on maximizing natural light, volume, space, affinity for outdoors and the overall architectural experience. And every house we have is highly functional. Form does follow function in our projects.

(Left to Right) Raw by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, Tai Ping | Edward Fields; Eclissi, House of Rohl Studio

Will COVID change the way you view home construction?

Our philosophy of architecture aligns with the new world order– our projects have always had integrated outdoor spaces, abundant natural light, state of the art HVAC systems and technology.  Clients are telling us how grateful they are to live in their homes. That’s been really rewarding to hear. But there will naturally be evolution in design based on the pandemic. For example, with people increasingly working and schooling from home, we’re focusing on acoustics even more. Additionally, we are seeing more and more interest in having two office spaces, home gyms, and even larger pantries. All these things matter, especially for families.

Do you have a favorite building out there in the world?

My favorite building is our next project! I have this passion for our work. But I’m definitely influenced by other works. I could not pick just one, though, because I have a long list. All innovation inspires me – art, furniture, landscape and or course architecture.

About Kevin: Kevin Toukoumidis founded dSPACE Studio in 2007 after working in architectural offices in San Francisco, Boston, Cleveland, and Chicago. He has received multiple AIA awards and regularly speaks on architecture and design. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and is LEED accredited in sustainable design.

Kevin Toukoumidis

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