with Summer Thornton

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What are your first impressions on the overall theme of Bold and Beautiful?

Of course, I am all about a bold gesture!  I love a bold room, something that says…this is who I am, take it or leave it!  

(Left to Right) 30 Inch Beverage Column, True Residential; Perennials Fabrics & Rugs, C’est La Vie Collection, David Sutherland Showroom; Leaping Cheetah Wallpaper, Scalamandré

Why do we love a bold and/or beautiful moment generally?

I’ve always loved a bold moment, but I think people are tired of fitting into generic boxes and are ready to express themselves through design.  People are starting to see more and more bold design and starting to realize they could live with it too! I want my work to give people the courage to be bold.  

What features do you see in these images that make them feel like they fit this category?

Strong color and bold pattern.  These are two elements I love incorporating in our work!  

(Left to Right) Futurebound – Decorative Weave by Kirby Design, ROMO; Dove Bathtub, designed in collaboration with Gensler, DEVON&DEVON

Tell me a little about yourself. The condensed version of how you arrived here today:

I am a design obsessed person who is constantly dreaming, scheming and planning the next big thing. I started out studying art and entrepreneurship which led me to running my own design firm from a very young age. 

Favorite room at home?

My favorite room at home is a toss-up between my living room/library and my bedroom. My living room is seriously cozy with a persimmon-colored mohair sofa, original fireplace and floor to ceiling bookshelves.  My bedroom feels like a treehouse with tons of windows and walls covered in my favorite Braquenié fabric that adds to the effect. 

What’s your perspective on design today? And where we are headed?

Our emphasis as a firm is about creating a story, building a fantasy environment for people that is out of the ordinary. We are tired of people living like developers are telling them to live and want them to live in a world of their own imagination (with our help). We are headed in an intensely personal and custom direction with clients, with styles that range from spare and sculptural to highly layered and romantic.   

What have been some of the strongest design influences in your career?

I am very influenced by fantasy, whether that is from films or architecture. I love palace architecture, and I always love architecture that is highly situational. I love things that are very specific. Basically, I like architecture and design that gives you an intense sense of place.  

About Summer: Summer Thornton is known for fearlessly bold and colorful interiors that give homes life! Her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Traditional Home, Domino and more. Most recently she was named one of the top 50 interior design firms in the world on the 1stDibs50 list.

Summer Thornton

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