Re-Defining Luxury: A Q&A Panel Discussion with Milling Road Guest Designer Kara Mann

Jacqueline Terrebonne, Editor-in-Chief, Galerie Magazine | Kara Mann, Founder & Creative Director, KARA MANN

9am - 11am | Baker Furniture, Suite 6-187

Join Galerie’s Editor-in-Chief, Jacqueline Terrebonne, as she sits down with celebrated designer Kara Mann for an in-depth conversation about what inspires her interior design and collection for Milling Road. A light breakfast will be served.

Jacqueline Terrebonne
Kara Mann

Culture and the Agreement

Paula Grace, President & Principal Designer, Paula Grace Designs & Consulting

9:30am - 10:30am | Century Furniture, Suite 1464

What is the agreement and why is it essential to your design firm’s success? In this CEU we will dissect what an effective agreement is and how it works hand in hand with your firm’s culture to help your clients know how to behave and what is expected of everyone in the design relationship. Your agreement and your culture are extraordinarily interdependent. Your culture will determine what your agreement states and how it will be followed. The focus of this seminar is the review of a working agreement alongside the culture aspect to help you use this remarkable tool to the fullest.

.1 CEU Credit

Paula Grace

Five Digital Trends Shaking Up Design

Pam McNally, Vice President, Digital, SANDOW

9:30am - 10:30am | Surya, Suite 619

Just when you thought it was slowing down, the digital world has exploded with new, sometimes confusing trends that are changing the business of design. Find out what you need to know to not be left behind by your competition... and your customers. 

Pam McNally

A Sit Down with David Phoenix & LuAnn Nigara

David Phoenix, President/Founder, David Phoenix Inc. | LuAnn Nigara, Owner, A Well-Designed Business® Podcast & Window Works

10am - 11am | Kravet, Suite 6-121

Join us for an exclusive sit down with designer David Phoenix to discuss the inspiration behind his new collection with podcast host LuAnn Nigara.

David Phoenix
LuAnn Nigara

Controlling LEDs to Meet Customer Expectations

Liz Tyhacz, Residential Sales Engineer, Lutron Electronics Inc., Co.

10:30am - 11:30am | Artisan Electronics Group (AEG), Suite 1486

This course describes how LED lamps and fixtures can provide an exciting alternative light source for general illumination. LED products and technologies are improving rapidly and now appear everywhere from lighting showrooms to the local Walmart.

.1 CEU Credit

Liz Tyhacz

The Science of Color & Light

Jason W. Walker, Architectural & Design Representative, Benjamin Moore & Co.

10:30am - 11:30am | Benjamin Moore & Co., Suite 6-131

An overview of the properties of color and light. The course includes discussions on types of lighting, metamerism, Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Light Reflectance Value (LRV) and how they affect design choices.

.1 CEU Credit

Jason W. Walker

Creating Revolutionary Design & The Connection Between Innovation + The Art of Expression

Claire Niermann, VP of Operations | Eleanor Niermann, VP of Merchandising, Niermann Weeks

11am - 12pm | Michael-Cleary, Suite 6-102, (Presentation: Meet on 6 Conference Center, Suite 6-180, Reception: Suite 6-102)

An interactive design discussion with Claire and Eleanor Niermann on the inspiration behind creating revolutionary new designs for Niermann Weeks. They will discuss new product for the fall and the powerful connection between innovation and the art of expression in design. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served.

Claire and Eleanor Niermann

Chicago On Display: A Designer’s Journey to Creating a City Icon

Panelists: Jessica Lagrange, Principal, Jessica Lagrange Interiors | James Dolenc and Thomas Riker, Interior Designers, JamesThomas Interior Design | Donna Mondi, President, Donna Mondi Interior Design | Michael Stornello and Tom Konopiots, Principals, Vincere Ltd | Moderator: Marshall Erb, Principal, Marshall Erb Design

11:30am - 1pm | deAurora, Suite 1499

deAurora and Parish Co., the custom craftsman for deAurora, in conjunction with Luxe Interiors + Design, have tapped influential Chicago design firms, Jessica Lagrange Interiors, JamesThomas Interiors, Donna Mondi Interior Design and Vincere Ltd. to create items for the upcoming fall product launch. Join us for an engaging panel review of each items journey, moderated by Marshall Erb, Principal of Marshall Erb Design.

Jessica Lagrange
James Dolenc
Thomas Riker
Donna Mondi
Michael Stornello
Tom Konopiots
Marshall Erb

What’s Your Type? A Designer’s Guide to Specifying Leather

Whitney Tinsley, Director of Education, Moore & Giles

11:30am - 12:30pm | Presentation: Meet on 6 Conference Center | Reception: Moore & Giles, Suite 1424A

All leather is not created equal. In this guide to leather finishes, designers will learn how leather is made and the finish types that differentiate them. Designers will leave with an understanding of how to better specify leather for design projects. We will touch on care and cleaning as well.

.1 CEU Credit

Whitney Tinsley

Become a Contract & Hospitality Expert

Leslie Beech, Director of Contract, Donghia

12pm - 1pm | Donghia 631

Enjoy a lunch & learn with the Donghia Director of Contract. ‘Performance textiles’ is a popular buzzword. Discover the appropriate tests for each project and proper techniques to design a luxury space from start to finish.

.1 CEU Credit

Leslie Beech

The (Crazy!) New Reality of Getting Published

Ellen McGauley, Senior Homes Editor, Coastal Living

12:30pm - 1:30pm | Lloyd Flanders, Suite 1473

Even as digital media’s influence soars, print remains the holy grail. This candid talk will discuss the surprising ways editors are finding stories, hidden reasons your project is getting rejected, and much more. 

.1 CEU Credit

Ellen McGauley

The Big Picture

Madeline Stuart, Interior Designer, Madeline Stuart & Associates | Mayer Rus, West Coast Editor, Architectural Digest

12:30pm - 1:30pm | Maya Romanoff, Suite 6-167

Renowned Los Angeles designer Madeline Stuart and Architectural Digest West Coast Editor Mayer Rus, two of the industry's most outspoken (and hilarious) pundits, engage in a wide-ranging, no-holds-barred conversation surveying the contemporary design scene. Topics include the perils and promise of social media, shifting client dynamics, marketing strategies for a new world, and the dubious influence of celebrity culture.

Madeline Stuart
Mayer Rus

Visual Journey Around the World

Peter Dunham, Interior Designer, Peter Dunham Design

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM | John Rosselli & Associates | Suite 6-158

Join designer Peter Dunham on a visual journey around the world and explore how to translate personal inspiration into client’s interiors.

Peter Dunham

The Chemistry of Color

Jennifer Kirchgessner, Product Director, Scott Group Studio

1:30pm - 2:30pm | Scott Group Studio, Suite 14-129

Explore the science behind the dying process of rug making and how designers can better understand why color changes with different light and fibers.

.1 CEU Credit

Jennifer Kirchgessner

For Seasoned Designers, What Makes Design Great?

Dara Caponigro, Creative Director, F. Schumacher & Co. | Thomas O’Brien, Interior Designer, Aero Studios | Veere Grenney, Interior Designer, Veere Grenney Associates

2pm - 3pm | Presentation: Meet on 6 Conference Center | Reception: Schumacher, Suite 6-133

What makes design great and how is it different in the UK and the US? Dara Caponigro, Thomas O’Brien and Veere Grenney candidly discuss.

Dara Caponigro
Thomas O’Brien
Veere Grenney

Inside Millennial Minds and Wallets

Moderator: Alison Martin, Managing Editor, Furniture, Lighting & Decor | Anthony Michael, Designer, Anthony Michael Interior Design | Devin Kirk, Jayson Home Vice President of Merchandising

| 2pm-3pm | BRADLEY | Suite 6-157

Join interior Anthony Michael, designer and Devin Kirk, Jayson Home Vice President of Merchandising for an inside look at what it's really like to work for millennial clients, on projects and in stores. They'll help us understand how design professionals can be more prepared to work with this generation moving forward.

Alison Martin
Anthony Michael
Devin Kirk

Experience CENTURY: Through the Eyes of a Designer

Panel Discussion

2:30pm - 3:30pm | Benjamin Moore & Co., Suite 6-131

CENTURY, the first-ever Soft-Touch Matte finish, is Benjamin Moore’s latest innovation in paint. Join us to learn how industry experts have been using CENTURY – from where they spec it to where they don’t, and how they pair it with other products and colors. Refreshments will be served.

How to Seamlessly Coordinate your Bedroom with Linens and Rugs

Brenda Fitzgerald, National Business Development, NIBA Designs

2:30pm - 3:30pm | Designers Linen Source, Suite 1487

Brenda Fitzgerald from Niba Designs will present their custom made rugs to coordinate with the beautifully embroidered bed and bath linens from Hamburg House.

Brenda Fitzgerald

Designing Now: Mixing Pattern and Texture Without Going Too Far

Jill Waage, Editor-in-Chief, Traditional Home | Kim Scodro, Designer | Corey Damen Jenkins, Designer | Oscar Yague, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Made Goods

3pm - 4pm | Made Goods, Suite 14-106

Join Traditional Home Editor-in-Chief Jill Waage for what’s sure to be a lively discussion on the do’s and don’ts of mixing pattern and texture with Made Goods' designer Oscar Yague and designers Kim Scodro and Corey Damen Jenkins. Following the discussion, Oscar will turn the tables and ask Jill what editors look for when considering projects for publication.

Jill Waage
Kim Scodro
Corey Damen Jenkins
Oscar Yague

The Art of Trimology: Understanding Trim and its Different Applications

Sasha Gallace, Executive Sales Director, Samuel & Sons

3pm - 4pm | Samuel & Sons Passementerie, Suite 6-168

A presentation focused on trim history, terminology and inspiring applications that can transform any space, as well as 'dos and don'ts’ from top industry workrooms.

.1 CEU Credit

Sasha Gallace

All Things Digital in a Designer’s World

Pam McNally, Vice President, Digital, SANDOW

3:30pm - 4:30pm | Scott Group Studio, Suite 14-129

Join us with Pam McNally, VP Digital, Interior Design Magazine, as she discusses the world of digital design. Cocktails and open house to follow.

Pam McNally

Texture Underfoot: Understanding Rugs and How to Sell Them

Shea Soucie, Co-Founder- SHIIR Rugs

4pm - 5pm | Holly Hunt, Suite 1428

Shea Soucie, SHIIR Rugs co-founder, shares tips on overcoming common obstacles to rug sales – and offers an insider’s view of how hand-woven rugs are created. Light refreshments served.

Shea Soucie

Trends and Styles for the Coming Season

Sarah Bray, National Interiors Editor, Modern Luxury

4pm - 5pm | Stark Carpet Corp., Suite 6-100

Join Sarah Bray, new National Interiors Editor for Modern Luxury, for a conversation with Stark. Drinks and light bites will be served.

Sarah Bray