2020 Presentations

Roaring Twenties to 2020: Restoring the Home that Inspired The Great Gatsby

Jeanette Hodgkinson, Owner, Belle Design LLC

9:00 am - 10:00 am | Gaggenau, Thermador, Bosch Experience & Design Center, Suite 108

Although F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, "The Great Gatsby" takes place in the glamorous enclave of the Long Island North Shore, it's said that inspiration for the book started in Chicago's Lake Forest. After sitting for a decade, the home was purchased by Jeanette Hodgkinson, of Belle Design LLC. She and her husband have embarked on a journey to restore the property to its historic roots. Learn about the restoration process and their upcoming docu-series sponsored by BSH Home Appliances Corporation.

Photo of Jeanette Hodgkinson
Jeanette Hodgkinson

Water, Wellness and Sustainability

Céline Marcotte, Global Projects & Hospitality Manager, GRAFF-art of bath design center

10:00 am - 11:00 am | GRAFF-art of bath design center, Suite 103

This course will provide an overview of three key elements that can enhance our daily lives: water, wellness and sustainability. Starting with water as a precious and essential natural resource to its role in bringing us wellness. We will focus on the origins of wellness through today’s WELL concepts and to how to integrate wellness in design projects. Lastly, we will discuss how wellness through water can be delivered in sustainable ways. 1 credit IDCEC, AIA, NKBA.

Photo of Céline Marcotte
Céline Marcotte

Pairing Fabric to Frame: How to Use Kravet Fabrics on Kravet Furniture

Mike Hayes, VP of Furniture Sales, Kravet Inc.

10:00 am - 11:00 am | Kravet, Suite 6-121

Join us for a much-needed fall furniture fix with a virtual CEU presented by Kravet’s VP of Furniture Sales, Michael Hayes. Learn the process of selecting the best fabric for Kravet Furniture and discover why certain fabrics require backing and why certain fabrics require increased yardage so you can build the perfect furniture piece for your next project. 1 credit IDCEC.


Photo of Mike Hayes
Mike Hayes

The Making of a Trend

Andrea Magno, Director of Color Marketing & Development, Benjamin Moore | Beth Maguire, Architectural & Design Representative, Benjamin Moore | Jason Walker, Architectural & Design Representative, Benjamin Moore | Mary Hoffman, Architectural & Design Representative, Benjamin Moore | Sharon Grech, Media Spokesperson Color Marketing, Benjamin Moore | Steven Baumann, Designer Showroom Manager, Benjamin Moore

11:00 am - 12:00 pm | Benjamin Moore & Co., Suite 6-131

Join us for a ‘Behind the Scenes’ look at how Benjamin Moore Color Trends are created. Interact with our corporate color team as they provide insight around the creation of past trends, the making of 2020, and their process moving forward. We look forward to your participation in this exciting virtual event.

Photo of Andrea Magno
Andrea Magno
Photo of Beth Maguire
Beth Maguire
Photo of Jason Walker
Jason Walker
Photo of Mary Hoffman
Mary Hoffman
Photo of Sharon Grech
Sharon Grech
Photo of Steven Baumann
Steven Baumann

Biomimicry of Life Electricity

Randa Clark, Founder, Randa Clark Design, LLC

11:00 am - 12:00 pm | deAurora, Suite 1499

This course is intended for interior designers, architects, design students, and other professionals in the design and build industry who would like an in-depth understanding of Biophilic Design. Participants will come away from this course with a comprehensive overview of biophilic design patterns in relation to human connection and well-being. 1 Credit IDCEC

Photo of Randa Clark
Randa Clark

MADE - Behind the Tile

DeeDee Gundberg, Director of Product Development & Design, Ann Sacks

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm | Ann Sacks, Suite 100B

Learn about the craft behind the MADE by Ann Sacks tile line. Hand-made in Portland, OR, the collection offers a curated palette of artisan glazes and extensive selection of versatile formats. We’ll take you behind the scenes inside the factory and show you how Designers create truly unique spaces from this bespoke tile line.

Photo of DeeDee Gundberg
DeeDee Gundberg

An Exploration of Naturally Luxurious Design with ELLE DECOR & Kara Mann

Ingrid Abramovitch, Executive Editor, ELLE DECOR | Kara Mann, Principal, Kara Mann Design

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm | Baker Furniture, Suite 6-187

Join ELLE DECOR’s Executive Editor Ingrid Abramovitch and distinguished Chicago-based designer Kara Mann for a thought-provoking virtual discussion on balancing refined design with relaxed sensibilities. Their exploration of naturally luxurious designs will guide the audience through the process of Kara’s recently debuted furniture collection with McGuire, which draws inspiration from vintage designs and boasts a 1970s West Coast feel, complementing the brand’s heritage and signature laidback luxury style. In addition, Ingrid and Kara will touch on the state of interior design in 2020 and how the industry is shifting to meet the needs of today’s consumers.


Photo of Ingrid Abramovitch
Ingrid Abramovitch
Photo of Kara Mann
Kara Mann

The Taste of Luxury

Jaime Laurita, Chef & Brand Ambassador, Middleby Residential | Megan Daro, Vice President, Consultant Services, Middleby Residential | Melissa Galt, Interior Designer & Business Coach, Melissa Galt Interiors

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm | Middleby Residential | Viking Range | La Cornue, Suite 137

Join Chef Jaime Laurita in the Middleby Residential Showroom as he welcomes special guest, Melissa Galt, an accomplished interior designer, author and great granddaughter of Frank Lloyd Wright.  To celebrate this family heritage of design, Chef Jaime will prepare one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s favorite dishes.  Melissa will present “Marketing Luxury Design to Attract Affluent Clients.”  Learn how to attract clients seeking luxury design and master the art and science of selling happiness- the definition of luxury design.


Photo of Jaime Laurita
Jaime Laurita
Photo of Megan Daro
Megan Daro
Photo of Melissa Galt
Melissa Galt

A Breeze Through the new Atmosphere Collection of Wide Width Sheers

Diane Lyon, Director of Product Development, Woven Fabrics, Thibaut | Jessica Newman, Product Coordinator, Woven Fabrics, Thibaut | Stacy Senior, Marketing Director, Thibaut

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm | Thibaut Wallcoverings, Fabrics and Fine Furniture, Suite 6-129

Join us for a breeze through the new Atmosphere collection of wide width sheers exclusively designed by Thibaut. This collection of delicate sheers has an abundance of ethereal beauty. Our wovens studio will explore the sophisticated nature of the gauzy linens, soft wools and thoughtful blends that were used and designed with layering in mind, and discuss the added benefits these fabrics have to offer.

Photo of Diane Lyon
Diane Lyon
Photo of Jessica Newman
Jessica Newman
Photo of Stacy Senior
Stacy Senior

Prevent the Demise of Design presented by Leucos

Nathan Green, National Sales Manager, Leucos

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm | C.A.I. Designs, Suite 1495

What does it mean to be “original”? Why pay for “authentic” when copies are a fraction of the cost? Using real life examples, this course delves into the nature of innovation and creativity in the design of new products, as well as the costs and risks associated with designing and bringing new products to market. We will also delve into the nature of knockoffs, and the economic, social, legal, and personal costs of supporting counterfeit design. 1 credit AIA.

Photo of Nathan Green
Nathan Green

DEVON&DEVON Unveils Holiday and Dove Designed in Collaboration with Gensler

Annie Kearney, National Sales Manager, DEVON&DEVON | Daniel Stromborg, Product Design Director, Gensler

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm | DEVON&DEVON, Suite 115

Italian design brand Devon&Devon presents a new collaboration with global architecture and design firm Gensler. Daniel Stromborg, Product Design Director at Gensler, and Devon&Devon National Sales Manager Annie Kearney, share the design story behind the recently launched Holiday and Dove modular bathtub collection.


Photo of Annie Kearney
Annie Kearney
Photo of Daniel Stromborg
Daniel Stromborg

COVID Conundrum: Designing during a Global Pandemic

Christina Gallo, AIA, Via Chicago Architects + Diseñadores Chicago | Gregory Williams, AIA, Gregory Ramón Design Studio, Inc | Julie Hacker, FAIA, Architect, Stuart Cohen and Julie Hacker Architects | Manuel Hernandez, AIA , Design Seed, Inc., | Miriam Neet, Neet Architecture, LLC | Scott Cook, Regional Manager, Carlisle

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm | Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, Suite 131

How are architects and interior designers working during the pandemic? Meeting with clients, visiting houses and apartments, going to job sites, and selecting products – how are we working around the limitations, restrictions, and health concerns of the moment? What are we learning as we go? Are we perhaps improving the way we work with clients as limitations force us to adapt our design processes? And finally, how do we market ourselves in such a difficult time? Join us to hear how a range of architects and a supplier are doing business with clients and coronavirus. 1 credit AIA.

Photo of Christina Gallo, AIA
Christina Gallo, AIA
Photo of Gregory Williams, AIA
Gregory Williams, AIA
Photo of Julie Hacker, FAIA
Julie Hacker, FAIA
Photo of Manuel Hernandez, AIA
Manuel Hernandez, AIA
Photo of Miriam Neet
Miriam Neet
Photo of Scott Cook
Scott Cook

Living With The Things You Love

David Pheonix, David Phoenix Interior Design | Pamela Jaccarino, Editor in Chief, Luxe Interiors + Design | Ray Booth, McAlpine | Skip Rumley, VP Creative, Hickory Chair

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm | Hickory Chair, Suite 1477

Join Luxe Interiors + Design Editor in Chief, Pamela Jaccarino in conversation with esteemed designers David Phoenix, Ray Booth and Hickory Chair Creative Director Skip Rumley for a conversation about what matters most today when it comes to the home. How are homeowners and designers thinking differently about interiors, furnishings and what they bring to market.

Photo of David Pheonix
David Pheonix
Photo of Pamela Jaccarino
Pamela Jaccarino
Photo of Ray Booth
Ray Booth
Photo of Skip Rumley
Skip Rumley

Balancing Technology and Design

Kenneth Walker, Founder/Owner, Artisan Electronics Group

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm | Artisan Electronics Group, Suite 1486

Many new products on the market claim to be "smart", but how do these devices actually improve clients' experiences in their homes? Learn what it takes to successfully integrate smart technology in your projects. Discover examples of how technology can enhance the lifestyle of homeowners and understand the critical considerations for service and support. 1 credit IDCEC, AIA.


Photo of Kenneth Walker
Kenneth Walker

Creative Musings with Floors

Shannon Sharpe, Homes Editor, Luxe Interiors + Design Chicago | Andrea Goldman, Owner, Andrea Goldman Design | Bruce Fox, Owner, Bruce Fox Design | Brynn Olson , Owner, Brynn Olson Design Group

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm | Divine Flooring, Suite 105B

Join Luxe Interiors + Design Homes Editor, Shannon Sharpe, for an engaging virtual event as three Chicago-area designers unveil a one-of-a-kind residential space meant to inspire and enthrall. Each designer will share the inspiration for their creative musing through renderings, including the Divine Flooring product that best suits their concept.

Photo of Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe
Photo of Andrea Goldman
Andrea Goldman
Photo of Bruce Fox
Bruce Fox
Photo of Brynn Olson
Brynn Olson

Cooking with Tech: 101 In the Kitchen

Amy Kartheiser, Principal, Amy Kartheiser Design | Paul Guerrero, Chef, Dacor | Shannon Sharpe, Homes Editor, Luxe Interiors + Design

9:00 am - 10:00 am | Dacor Kitchen Theater, Suite 142

Tech in the kitchen can seem daunting, but when working with clients, it’s important to know how their appliances can perform to make their lives easier. Join Luxe Interiors + Design Homes Editor Shannon Sharpe and designer Amy Kartheiser as they discuss the importance of selecting appliances that not only fit within the project design but also enhance the cooking and entertaining experience. Shannon and Amy will be joined by Dacor’s own Chef Paul Guerrero, who will host a live cooking presentation throughout the program.


Photo of Amy Kartheiser
Amy Kartheiser
Photo of Paul Guerrero
Paul Guerrero
Photo of Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe

The Rich History (and Future) of Liberty of London

Genevieve Bennett, Head of Design, Liberty of London

9:00 am - 10:00 am | Fabricut, Suite 6-117

Fabricut is now the exclusive distributor for Liberty Interior Fabrics in the United States. We are thrilled to welcome Genevieve Bennett, Head of Design for Liberty Interior Fabrics, as she discusses how she creates fresh new collections while honoring the company’s 140 year history. Shortly after opening on London’s Regent Street in 1875, Arthur Lasenby Liberty began printing the first Liberty fabrics. This legacy has continued for over 140 years – from dress fabrics to interior drapery and finely upholstered furnishings, Liberty textiles have remained at the heart of the brand’s matchless artistic heritage.

Photo of Genevieve Bennett
Genevieve Bennett

Custom Shower Solutions for the Luxury Customer

Danielle Roberts, Business Development Manager-East, Kallista

10:00 am - 11:00 am | K&B Galleries Ltd., Suite 1454

Provides inspiration to address the luxury homeowners who seek a custom, spa-like retreat that allows them to create a personalized, multi-sensory experience right in their own master bathroom. 1 credit IDCEC, NKBA.

Photo of Danielle Roberts
Danielle Roberts

New Generation Solid Surfacing

Alvaro Oscoso, Product Manager, Porcelanosa | Calos Monsonis, Sales Manager, Porcelanosa

10:00 am - 11:00 am | Porcelanosa | Tile | Kitchen | Bath | Hardwood, Suite 149

Join us for a CEU on the “New Generation of Solid Surfacing.” At the end of the program, participants will be able to: Understand the advantages of new generation solid surfacing. Understand Tri-hydrate of Alumina in new generation solid surfacing. Understand polyester and acrylic resin added to new generation solid surfacing. Understand advantages of thermal forming of new generation solid surface material. 1 credit IDCEC, AIA.

Photo of Alvaro Oscoso
Alvaro Oscoso
Photo of Calos Monsonis
Calos Monsonis

Innovative Home Office Design Solutions

J.P. Anderson, Group Executive Editor/National Travel & Auto Editor, Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago | Rama Dandamudi, CEO/President, Snaidero Chicago

11:00 am - 12:00 pm | Studio Snaidero Chicago, Suite 140

As home offices are becoming more commonplace, these innovative design solutions allow you the flexibility of working from a home office and setting yourself apart from the rest of your home/office space with beautiful glass wall systems and partitions. Create a glass room to keep you working efficiently and effectively.

Photo of J.P. Anderson
J.P. Anderson
Photo of Rama Dandamudi
Rama Dandamudi

Natural Full & Thin Stone Veneers - Best Practices on Sustainability

Rich Kelly, Territory Sales Specialist, Buechel Stone

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm | Buechel Stone, Suite 163

Join us for best practices on sustainability in the natural building stone industry. Learn about how natural stone advocates for environmental and economic responsibility all while providing architectural stone for interior and exterior design. Discover how green natural stone options are for achieving the perfect dry stacked stone or mortared veneer stone masonry look in full or thin stone veneer exterior facades (stone siding / cladding), indoor / outdoor spaces, and fireplace / feature wall stone interiors. 1 credit AIA.

Photo of Rich Kelly
Rich Kelly

De-Construction of the Chair

Alex Shuford III, President RHF Brands, Century Furniture

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm | Century Furniture, Suite 1464

Please Join our president and CEO, Alex Shuford, for "The Deconstruction of a Chair" CEU. This presentation is a visual and verbal exploration of the materials and techniques found in fine upholstery. Watch Century's Alex Shuford "peel back" each  layer of a chair to demonstrate how every component works together.

Photo of Alex Shuford III
Alex Shuford III

2020 Latest & Greatest with Pindler's Design Team

Kelli Mastro, Marketing Manager, Pindler | Nicole Govea, Assistant Design Manager, Pindler

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm | Pindler, Suite 618

Join us for an inspiring fabric & trim presentation hosted by Pindler's designer, Nicole Govea, where she will present exciting new product collections and book introductions from the start of 2020 to present day.

Photo of Kelli Mastro
Kelli Mastro
Photo of Nicole Govea
Nicole Govea

Boss Ladies 3.0: Special Edition

Daniele Busca, Creative Director, Scavolini USA | Young Huh, Principal, Young Huh Interiors | Jessica Zweig, CEO + Founder, SimplyBe Agency | Alisha Serras, Owner, Scavolini Store Chicago, Detroit and Boston | Gisue Hariri, Co-Founder & Principal Creative Director, Hariri & Hariri Architecture

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm | Scavolini Store Chicago, Suite 110

Join ELLE DECOR and SCAVOLINI for our annual edition of BOSS LADIES. Tune in to meet the successful women of design who are building companies, navigating change, and finding the optimal way to thrive and support each other.


Photo of Daniele Busca
Daniele Busca
Photo of Young Huh
Young Huh
Photo of Jessica Zweig
Jessica Zweig
Photo of Alisha Serras
Alisha Serras
Photo of Gisue Hariri
Gisue Hariri

Awakening – Fall 2020

Philip Bershad, President, Phillip Jeffries | Tara Van Lunen, Design Director, Phillip Jeffries

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm | HOLLY HUNT, Suite 1428

Inspiration Awaits! Join Phillip Jeffries President Philip Bershad and Design Director Tara Van Lunen as they share the inspiration behind the design of their latest Fall 2020 collection – Awakening. A new normal brings new perspective. Discover the cozy comforts and the nurturing surrounds of nature that inspired Fall 2020.

Photo of Philip Bershad
Philip Bershad
Photo of Tara Van Lunen
Tara Van Lunen

Colormix 2021: Rhythm of Color

Annmarie Fabbi, Design Account Executive, Sherwin-Williams

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm | Sherwin-Williams Color Studio, Suite 163

Rhythm is the secret to how the natural world stays in step. The same sense of balance applies to our personal sense of nature through how we live — and how we design. Fast and slow. Quiet and expressive. Virtual and physical. See it take shape in 40 trend colors, presented in four palettes designed to bring your own rendition of rhythm to beautiful life. 1 credit IDCEC, AIA.

Photo of Annmarie Fabbi
Annmarie Fabbi

SUSTAINABLE NATION Urban Design Patterns for the Future

Douglas Farr, Principal, Farr Associates

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm | Brizo and Delta Chicago, Suite 127

Doug Farr FAIA, President of Farr Associates, Co-Founder of Carbon Free Chicago, and author of Sustainable Nation: Urban Design Patterns for the Future, will present a provocative thesis guaranteed to change your understanding of the Climate Emergency and what we each can and must do about it.

Photo of Douglas Farr
Douglas Farr

Cesar Intarsio System, Contemporary Kitchen Cabinetry, Reimagined

Brian Jevremov, Principal, DOM Interiors | Abby Lund, Designer, DOM Interiors | William Romero, Designer, DOM Interiors

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm | DOM Interiors, Suite 106

Join DOM Interiors in exploring Cesar Kitchens' latest cabinetry collection, the Intarsio system. Today’s kitchen, living room, and dining space become one with the Intarsio system, designed by the creative team Garcia Cumini.

The New Lifestyle: Emerging Trends and How to Embrace Them

Lou Rohl, Chair and Founder, House of Rohl US

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm | House of Rohl Studio, Suite 135

Today, experts around the world are trying to predict fundamental changes in human behavior in reaction to COVID-19 which will create opportunity in the design world. However, the acceleration of small trends that were already emerging could be a more reliable indicator and will perhaps create transformational opportunity. We will explore and define “The New Lifestyle,” provide product solutions you can offer your clients, and how the “The New Lifestyle” can enhance our lives. Part of our new “A Closer Look Academy” that we are launching next month that is specifically for architects and designers.


Photo of Lou Rohl
Lou Rohl

The Evolution of Luxury: Redefining the Kitchen

Jill Waage, Editor-in-Chief, Traditional Home | Mick De Giulio, Owner and Founder, de Giulio kitchen design | Samantha Hart, Executive Editor, Meredith Luxury Home Portfolio

9:00 am - 10:00 am | de Giulio kitchen design, Suite 121

Join Traditional Home editor-in-chief Jill Waage and Meredith Luxury Home Portfolio executive editor Samantha Hart for a virtual chat with internationally acclaimed kitchen designer Mick De Giulio. They’ll discuss the changing profile of today’s kitchen and home, and explore the latest designs and techniques for creating an effortless and unforgettable space.

Photo of Jill Waage
Jill Waage
Photo of Mick De Giulio
Mick De Giulio
Photo of Samantha Hart
Samantha Hart

Practical Guide to Outdoor Furniture & Fabrics

Jarred Simons, Residential Sales Manager, Chicago, JANUS et Cie | Patty Fox O'Connell, Key Accounts Manager, JANUS et Cie

9:00 am - 10:00 am | JANUS et Cie, Suite 1420

Join JANUS et Cie for an informative CEU presentation that provides an in-depth look at specifying for various outdoor environments. Explore unique materials, learn best practices for care and maintenance, and use your insights to ensure the longevity of your exterior projects. 1 credit IDCEC.

Photo of Jarred Simons
Jarred Simons
Photo of Patty Fox O'Connell
Patty Fox O'Connell

Daring Design | Color in the Kitchen

Andrew Shead, Marketing Manager, True Residential | Helene Oberman, Managing Director, Interior Design | Lori Paranjape, Principal, Mrs. Paranjape | Nicholas Moriarty, Principal, Nicholas Moriarty Interiors | Vanessa DeLeon, Principal, Vanessa DeLeon Associates

10:00 am - 11:00 am | True Residential, Suite 163

Color in the kitchen is back. Join American-made residential refrigeration company True Residential, and three top interior designers – Vanessa DeLeon, Nicholas Moriarty, and Lori Paranjape for an engaging discussion on the best ways to incorporate color into your kitchen. From accent pieces, to bold cabinetry, and statement-making appliances, learn from the designers and brands who aren’t afraid to stand out. An all-white kitchen isn’t the only way to create a timeless aesthetic.


Photo of Andrew Shead
Andrew Shead
Photo of Helene Oberman
Helene Oberman
Photo of Lori Paranjape
Lori Paranjape
Photo of Nicholas Moriarty
Nicholas Moriarty
Photo of Vanessa DeLeon
Vanessa DeLeon

European Kitchen Fundamentals

11:00 am - 12:00 pm | Poggenpohl, Suite 138

Please join designers Jennifer Kelly and Jennifer Fordham Blanco as they cover the history of European kitchen design, European design details such as minimalism, sustainable practices, and how Universal Design is compatible with European Kitchen Design. Design professionals will come away with an understanding of how cabinet design impacts day-to-day ergonomics, health/wellbeing, and safety in the kitchen. 1 Credit IDCEC

Archival Design: A Reimagination of Palladio, the British Design Tradition

Lucy Bamman, Editor & Stylist | Peter Gomez, Design Director, Zoffany

11:00 am - 12:00 pm | Zoffany, Suite 6-117A

In 1955, Robert and Roger Nicholson launched the inaugural collection of Palladio for Zoffany. This iconic collection tapped into emerging artists and brought art into public spaces. 65 years later Peter Gomez, Design Director for Zoffany, continues Palladio’s ethos by pairing original designs from Zoffany’s archives with the new artistic talent of Sam Wilde, a graduate of the Royal College of Art. Chosen for his artistry, modernity and passion for the environment, Sam’s dynamic approach mirrors that of the Nicholsons’ mid-century choices. Join Lucy Bamman as she discusses with Peter his inspiration behind this collection and the collaborative process that created it.


Photo of Lucy Bamman
Lucy Bamman
Photo of Peter Gomez
Peter Gomez

How to Stand out in a Virtual World 

Shannon Sharpe, Homes Editor, Luxe Interiors + Design Chicago | Richard Anuskiewicz, Design Galleria | Young Huh, Young Huh Interior Design | Monet Masters, Forbes Masters | Tavia Forbes, Forbes Masters | Jon Liddell, Executive Chef, Chicago Monogram Design Center

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm | Monogram Design Center, Suite 124

Join Luxe Interiors + Design, Homes Editor, Shannon Sharpe, as she virtually chats with three of today’s most vibrant design professionals about how they're staying not only viable, but thriving in our saturated virtual world. Plus, enjoy a short and easy cooking demonstration by Monogram’s Executive Chef, Jon Liddell.

Photo of Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe
Photo of Richard Anuskiewicz
Richard Anuskiewicz
Photo of Young Huh
Young Huh
Photo of Monet Masters
Monet Masters
Photo of Tavia Forbes
Tavia Forbes
Photo of Jon Liddell
Jon Liddell

The Kitchen Love Affair

Donna Mondi, President and Principal Designer, Donna Mondi Interior Design | Jennifer Kranitz, Design Director, PROjECT interiors | John P. Cialone, Partner, Vice President, Tom Stringer Design Partners | Margaret Noga, Vice President, New Style Cabinets | Mike Shively, Principal, Mike Shively Architecture

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm | New Style Cabinets, Suite 163

The kitchen has undergone many technological and social changes over time. Considering how important the “trophy” kitchen is for today’s homeowners, it’s amazing to think that not long ago kitchens were one of the least desirable rooms in the home. Join us, as we explore the movement that created the kitchen we know and love today and discuss the direction we are currently heading in kitchen design.


Photo of Donna Mondi
Donna Mondi
Photo of Jennifer Kranitz
Jennifer Kranitz
Photo of John P. Cialone
John P. Cialone
Photo of Margaret Noga
Margaret Noga
Photo of Mike Shively
Mike Shively

The Art of Flatweave Rug Making

Jennifer Hoevker, Showroom Manager, Scott Group Studio | MaryClare Magnuson, Account Executive, Scott Group Studio

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm | Scott Group Studio, Suite 14-129

Flatwoven rugs add a rich sense of history to today’s contemporary standards of beauty and design. The Art of Flatweave Rug Making explores the unique tradition and craft behind these authentic works of art, while examining the foundational role they play in luxury interior design. Learn about key processes and terms relating to the making of flatweave rugs, identify the various types of flatweaves and gain an understanding of what differentiates them. Additionally, you’ll develop an insight into the design advantages and variables of specifying custom flatweave rugs. 1 credit IDCEC.

Photo of Jennifer Hoevker
Jennifer Hoevker
Photo of MaryClare Magnuson
MaryClare Magnuson

Lessons Learned in Interior Design with Victoria Hagan

Kaitlin Peterson, Editor-in-Chief, Business of Home | Victoria Hagan, Interior Designer, Victoria Hagan Interiors

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm | The Shade Store, Suite 105

Join acclaimed designer Victoria Hagan and Business of Home Editor in Chief, Kaitlin Petersen, for an in-depth conversation about the lessons learned throughout Victoria’s celebrated career. From the importance of education, to building teams to finding the right partners for projects and licensed collections, Victoria will share insights from her 25 years as a business owner and award-winning champion of classic American style. Presented by The Shade Store.


Photo of Kaitlin Peterson
Kaitlin Peterson
Photo of Victoria Hagan
Victoria Hagan

Renovation Season: How to Re-Invent Yourself and Re-Set Your Business

Jody Seivert, OnexOne Companies

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm | Artistic Tile, Suite 105A

The pandemic is a breather. With time and distance from how we have been living and doing business, we have new perspective. It is also a reveal - we have time to look at ourselves and our business and ask: where are the gaps, and, what needs an upgrade? In this interactive session, Jody will pose questions for you to consider as we approach 2021, to help you assess, evaluate, discover, and appreciate anew your business and life, so come prepared!


Photo of Jody Seivert
Jody Seivert

Be Original

Will Cosper, Marketing Manager, FANTINI

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm | FANTINI | THE GALLEY, Suite 163

Join Fantini to learn how we, as design professionals, can Prevent the Demise of Design and protect original design. This course explores innovation and creativity in the design of new products by illustrating real life examples, as well as the costs and risks that come with bringing “original” products to market. We will discuss what it means to be “original” and why paying for “authentic” design is much more than just purchasing products or designing a unique environment, but about supporting an entire creative ecosystem. Knockoffs play a major role and we will discuss the economic, social, legal and personal costs of supporting counterfeit design. 1 credit IDCEC, AIA

Passport Please: Celebrating Travel and How It Feeds Our Creativity

Laura Kirar, Interior & Product Designer, Laura Kirar Design | Lori Weitzner, Designer, Weitzner Limited | Patti Carpenter, Trend Forecaster, Carpenter & Co | Roger Thomas, Executive Vice President Emeritus of Design and Development, Wynn Hotels | Timothy Corrigan, Interior Designer, Timothy Corrigan Inc.

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm | Samuel & Sons, Suite 6-168

Whether it is traveling around our country or the globe, visiting new lands can be transformative and inspirational. As travel remains a challenge these days, Samuel & Sons invites its design partners to share their intimate relationships with their favorite places in the world. We will hear from Roger Thomas about his love affair with his unintentional COVID home in Venice, Lori Weitzner shares her passion for the artisans in Indi, Timothy Corrigan goes inside his life long love affair with France and Laura Kirar illuminates the unique beauty of San Miguel, Mexico. Moderated by trend forecaster Patti Carpenter.

Photo of Laura Kirar
Laura Kirar
Photo of Lori Weitzner
Lori Weitzner
Photo of Patti Carpenter
Patti Carpenter
Photo of Roger Thomas
Roger Thomas
Photo of Timothy Corrigan
Timothy Corrigan

Miele Launches #LifeBeyondOrdinary

Jared Costa, Director of National Product and Sales Training, Miele

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm | Miele Experience Center, Suite 133

Miele pushes product innovation boundaries with the launch of a new built-in kitchen product that blends its accolades in the space along with autonomous cleaning freedom. Miele’s presentation will take guest with an inside look of how this product reaches new feats. For an all-around harmonious design, this product allows for designers and consumers to pair the exterior design and technology within other Miele kitchen appliances.


Email Field: G7000 Passowrd: Miele123

Photo of Jared Costa
Jared Costa

Finish Exploration For Decorative Plumbing In The Kitchen & Bath

Zach Griffith, Showroom Manager, Moen Design Center & House of Rohl Studio

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm | Moen Design Center, Suite 135

Join us as we explore the different finishes available today for kitchen and bath decorative plumbing products. Learn the materials used and how each finish is made, each finish’s durability and required maintenance, and the specification process for both residential and hospitality projects. 1 credit IDCEC, AIA, NKBA, NARI, GBCI

Photo of Zach Griffith
Zach Griffith