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DC200 Living with Art

Jill Sieracki, Managing Editor, Galerie | Richard Norton, Owner, Richard Norton Gallery | Steve Kadlec, Owner, Kadlec Architecture & Design | Suzanne Lovell, Owner/Interior Designer, Suzanne Lovell, Inc. | Todd Raymond, Principal, Studio Todd Raymond

Wednesday, October 27 | 9:00 am - 10:00 am | The Bright Group, Suite 6-166

More than just a finishing touch, artwork can completely transform an entire space. Join to discuss building functional, yet visually compelling residences that integrate a collection of art.

Photo of Jill Sieracki
Jill Sieracki
Photo of Richard Norton
Richard Norton
Photo of Steve Kadlec
Steve Kadlec
Photo of Suzanne Lovell
Suzanne Lovell
Photo of Todd Raymond
Todd Raymond
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