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LH205 Connecting With Nature

Amy Kartheiser, Founder, Amy Kartheiser Design | Jessica Lagrange, Principal, Lagrange Interiors | Randy Heller, Founder, Randy Heller Design | Shannon Sharpe, Editor, Luxe Interiors & Design

Wednesday, October 27 | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm | Divine Flooring, Suite 105B

Discover how three local Interior Designers incorporate nature thoughtfully and intentionally in their residential projects. Guest attendees will enjoy a delectable 'Farm to Table' brunch provided by a sustainable caterer, Big Delicious Planet.

Photo of Amy Kartheiser
Amy Kartheiser
Photo of Jessica Lagrange
Jessica Lagrange
Photo of Randy Heller
Randy Heller
Photo of Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe
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