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LH312 Artful Living

Brandon Rogalski, Director, Power Construction | Celeste Robbins, Principal, Robbins Architecture | Kevin Toukoumidis, Founding Principal, dSPACE Studio | Patricia Rotondo, Senior Principal/Director of Interior Design, Antunovich Associates | Shea Soucie, Principal, Soucie Horner

Thursday, October 28 | 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm | New Style Cabinets, Suite 163

Art comes in all kinds of shapes and forms and is inextricably linked to design in a complex aesthetic. Explore the intermingling of art and interiors and learn ways to make them coalesce.

Photo of Brandon Rogalski
Brandon Rogalski
Photo of Celeste Robbins
Celeste Robbins
Photo of Kevin Toukoumidis
Kevin Toukoumidis
Photo of Patricia Rotondo
Patricia Rotondo
Photo of Shea Soucie
Shea Soucie
Open House
  • Wednesday, October 27

    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    New Style Cabinets, Suite 163

    Designing with Art

    Join steve+filip and local artist Angelina Vivant for a one-of-a-kind discussion and learn how to utilize custom millwork when designing a room around art. 
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