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DC205 Grandmillenial Design in the New Roaring Twenties

Clary Bosbyshell Welsh, Owner/Principal Designer, Clary Bosbyshell Design | Emma Bazilian, Content Director, Schumacher | Sarah Vaile, Owner/Principal Designer, Sarah Vaile Design | Summer Thornton, Owner/Principal Designer, Summer Thornton Design

Wednesday, October 27 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm | Schumacher / PFM, Suite 6-133

Explore all things grandmillenial. What is it? How do you achieve it? How do you corner the emerging millennial market? All the questions will be discussed and refreshments will be served.

Photo of Clary Bosbyshell Welsh
Clary Bosbyshell Welsh
Photo of Emma Bazilian
Emma Bazilian
Photo of Sarah Vaile
Sarah Vaile
Photo of Summer Thornton
Summer Thornton
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