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06221 Tackling TikTok in Design: Why Video Content is the New Frontier

Candace Mary Griffin, Principal Designer and Founder, Candace Mary Interiors | Claire Staszak, Principal Designer and Owner, Centered by Design | Sarah Vaile, Firm Principal, Sarah Vaile Design | Tori Mellott, Style Director, Frederic Magazine

Wednesday, October 12 | 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm | Schumacher / PFM, Suite 6-133

Whether it's TikTok, Instagram Reels or YouTube, video content is top of mind. Please join Frederic Style Director Tori Mellott and panelists for a lively discussion on video content and this new frontier.

Photo of Candace Mary Griffin
Candace Mary Griffin
Photo of Claire Staszak
Claire Staszak
Photo of Sarah Vaile
Sarah Vaile
Photo of Tori Mellott
Tori Mellott

06305 Unfiltered: The Business Questions You are Dying to Ask

Amy Kartheiser, Founder and Principal, Amy Kartheiser Design | Emily Williams, Head Designer, Z Properties | Lucas Goldbach, AIA, Partner and Design Director, En Masse Architecture and Design | Mike Shively, AIA and Founding Partner, En Masse Architecture and Design | Tori Mellott, Style Director, Frederic Magazine

Thursday, October 13 | 11:00 am - 12:00 am | Meet on 6 Conference Center

Bring all of the design business questions you always want to ask - but never get the chance to - for this interactive Q & A panel discussion that dives into the five business topics that always leave you wondering: Finances and budgeting, process and efficiencies, marketing and social media, client relationships, and company culture.

Photo of Amy Kartheiser
Amy Kartheiser
Photo of Emily Williams
Emily Williams
Photo of Lucas Goldbach
Lucas Goldbach
Photo of Mike Shively
Mike Shively
Photo of Tori Mellott
Tori Mellott
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